Bulletin Instrumentum

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The Bulletin Instrumentum is a semi-annual journal containing bibliographies on Instrumentum topics, current research, recent discoveries, works in print about ancient crafts, varia, etc. Members are invited to contribute to this publication, which is now printed on ± 40 pages in two colors. The Bulletin Instrumentum has appeared regularly since its first issue of June 1995.

Supplementing the Bulletin is Nouvelles d'Instrumentum, a newsletter devoted to timely information that may be out-of-date by the following issue of the Bulletin.

Monographies Instrumentum

One of the goals of Instrumentum, the publication of monographs on ancient crafts and manufactured products in antiquity, was realized in 1997 with the signing of a contract with Editions Monique Mergoil. Thirty-five monographs have appeared thus far, and volume 36 is in preparation.

Editions Monique Mergoil
12 rue des Moulins
34530 MONTAGNAC (France)
e-mail / order
tél. & fax ++04 67 24 14 39

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Monographie Instrumentum