Instrumentum: Artisanat et productions manufacturées dans l'Antiquité


Research fields, aims, and activities of the working-group

INSTRUMENTUM is a working-group that comprises scholars interested in the crafts and industries of ancient Europe and the Mediterranean. The chronological scope of the organization covers the European Iron Age and the eras of Greek and Roman civilization, with some overlap into the late Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages.

The aim of INSTRUMENTUM is to bring together research on crafts and industries by drawing attention to published work, thus elucidating the conditions in which crafts, industries, and manufacturing techniques evolved before the Middle Ages. Twice a year INSTRUMENTUM issues the Bulletin, which disseminates information, encourages research, and facilitates international communication. An up-to-date bibliography, brief notices on current research, and requests for information also are included in an attempt to promote and facilitate research on objects, their use, and manufacture. Since June 1997 INSTRUMENTUM has published 35 monographs on ancient crafts and industries (Editions Monique Mergoil), with several more in preparation.

INSTRUMENTUM also has organized and supported dozens of scientific meetings in various countries on topics proposed by members.